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IEEE Wireless communication projects for Engineering students-M.Tech, B.Tech, BE, MSC, MCA, Diploma Students

Matlab/ Python/NS2/ Java/Dot Net Wireless communication projects with source code and IEEE papers

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CSPWC23001 Solution for Self-Interference of NOMA-Based Wireless Optical Communication System in Underwater Turbulence Environment


CSPWC23002 Beamforming Technologies for Ultra-Massive MIMO in Terahertz Communications
CSPWC23003 Software-Defined GPU-CPU Empowered Efficient Wireless Federated Learning With Embedding Communication Coding for Beyond 5G
CSPWC23004 Joint Coherent and Non-Coherent Detection and Decoding Techniques for Heterogeneous Networks
CSPWC23005 Beam Domain MIMO-OFDM Optical Wireless Communications With PAPR Reduction
CSPWC23006 A Learning-Based End-to-End Wireless Communication System Utilizing a Deep Neural Network Channel Module
CSPWC23007 Joint Communication and Sensing Toward 6G: Models and Potential of Using MIMO
CSPWC23008 Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Wireless Powered UAV Wireless Communication System With Short Packet
CSPWC23009 Integrated Microwave Photonics Coherent Processor for Massive-MIMO Systems in Wireless Communications
CSPWC23010 Multi-Frequency-Ranging Positioning Algorithm for 5G OFDM Communication Systems
CSPWC23011 Key Generation Technique Based on Channel Characteristics for MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication Systems
CSPWC23012 MAC Protocol for Two-Tier Underwater Wireless Networks With Distance-Dependent Propagation Delay Variation
CSPWC23013 A Survey of Sybil Attack Countermeasures in Underwater Sensor and Acoustic Networks
CSPWC23014 Channel Estimation for OFDM-based Indoor Broadband Power Line Communication Systems
CSPWC23015 Towards Deep Learning-aided Wireless Channel Estimation and Channel State Information Feedback for 6G
CSPWC23016 An Architecture for AoI and Cache Hybrid Multicast/Unicast/D2D With Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
CSPWC23017 D2D Assisted Multi-Antenna Coded Caching
CSPWC23018 Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Hybrid Relay-Reflecting Intelligent Surface-Assisted Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems
CSPWC23019 A Survey of Resource Management in D2D Communication for B5G Networks
CSPWC23020 Rate-Maximizing Zero-Forcing Hybrid Precoder for MU-MISO-OFDM
CSPWC23021 Analysis and Optimization of Spectral and Energy Efficiency in Underlaid D2D Multi-Cell Massive MISO Over Rician Fading
CSPWC23022 Channel Estimation Using CNN-LSTM in RIS-NOMA Assisted 6G Network
CSPWC23023 Energy and Spectral Efficiencies of Cell-Free Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Systems Under Rain Attenuation Based on Ray Tracing Simulations
CSPWC23024 The Effects of Channel Model and Spacing on Slanted Subarrays in Single-User MIMO mmWave Systems
WC 01 A Cooperative Clustering Protocol with Duty Cycling for Energy Harvesting Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks
WC 02 Low-Complexity Priority-Aware Interference-Avoidance Scheduling for Multi-user Coexisting Wireless Networks
WC 03 On Security-Delay Trade-Off in Two-Hop Wireless Networks with Buffer-Aided Relay Selection
WC 04 Opportunistic Relaying and Random Linear Network Coding for Secure and Reliable Communication
WC 05 Partition-Based Caching in Large-Scale SIC-Enabled Wireless Networks
WC 06 Secure Transmission in Linear Multi-hop Relaying Networks
WC 07 Toward Optimal Distributed Node Scheduling in a Multi-hop Wireless Network Through Local Voting
WC 08 Traffic-Aware Energy-Saving Base Station Sleeping and Clustering in Cooperative Networks
WC 09 Transmit Optimization for Symbol-Level Spoofing