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S. No Embedded Project Title
CSPSTEB1 Dynamic solid waste collection and management system based on sensor elevator and GSM
CSPSTEB2 Home Security Using Arduino
CSPSTEB3 IOT Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection and Rescue System
CSPSTEB4 Systematic Smart Parking System Using Arduino and IR Sensors
CSPSTEB5 Women Safety Night Patrolling Robot
CSPSTEB6 RFID, Password and OTP based Door Lock System using 8051 Microcontroller
CSPSTEB7 Design SEPIC Converter for Battery Charging Using Solar Panel
CSPSTEB8 A Portable Assistive Device for Blind, Dumb and Deaf People Using Ai
CSPSTEB9 LIDAR Micro Drone with Proximity Sensing
CSPSTEB10 Home Automation using SMS
CSPSTEB11 Microcontroller Based Avr Hazardous Gas Detection System Using IOT
CSPSTEB12 IOT Based Lpg Leakage Detection System
CSPSTEB13 IOT Based Health Monitoring System
CSPSTEB14 Smart Healthcare Monitoring System Using IOT
CSPSTEB15 IOT based Smart Water Monitoring System
CSPSTEB16 Design and Analysis Performance of IOT-Based Water Quality Monitoring System using LoRa Technology
CSPSTEB17 IOT Based Anti-Theft Flooring Mat system Using Raspberry PI
CSPSTEB18 Finger Print & Pascode Based Anti-Theft Vehicle System
CSPSTEB19 Air Quality Monitor System Using IOT And Machine Learning and IoT
CSPSTEB20 IOT based portable heart rate and SpO2 pulse oximeter
CSPSTEB21 Arduino - Uno Based Underground Cable Fault Detection System (AUCFDS)
CSPSTEB22 An IOT assisted intelligent parking system (IPS) for smart cities
CSPSTEB23 Design and Control of Inverter for Integration of Micro-Grid Connected Distributed Generation
CSPSTEB24 Transmission Line Fault Detection Using Arduino With GSM
CSPSTEB25 LG Fault Detection on Transmission Line
CSPSTEB26 Arduino IOT Cloud Based Automatic Detection Of Faults And Its Location In Power Transmission Line
CSPSTEB27 AI-Based Smart Borewell Child Rescue System
CSPSTEB28 Design And Fabrication Of Minisize Borewell Rescue Robot
CSPSTEB29 Bluetooth based Home Automation using Adriano
CSPSTEB30 An IOT-Based Smart Home Automation System
CSPSTEB31 Domicile - An IOT Based Smart Home Automation System
CSPSTEB32 Design And Implementation Of Smart Home Automation Using Internet Of
CSPSTEB33 Development of LPG Leakage Detection Alert and Auto Exhaust System using IOT
CSPSTEB34 A Smart Natural Gas Leakage Detection and Control System for Gas Distribution Companies of Bangladesh using IoT
CSPSTEB35 Gas Leakage with Auto Ventilation and Smart Management System Using IoT
CSPSTEB36 IoT based Low-Cost Gas Leakage, Fire, and Temperature Detection System with Call Facilities
CSPSTEB37 IOT Based Health Monitoring System
CSPSTEB38 Investigation into Smart Healthcare Monitoring System in an IoT Environment
CSPSTEB39 IoT-Based Smart Health Monitoring System for COVID-19
CSPSTEB40 An IoT-based Real-Time Remote Health Monitoring System
CSPSTEB41 IOT-Based Water Management Systems Survey and Future Research Direction
CSPSTEB42 IOT based smart water quality monitoring system
CSPSTEB43 A Review on Smart Water Quality Monitoring System
CSPSTEB44 Water Quality Monitoring System Implemented With IoT
CSPSTEB45 Network Security Surveillance System for Jewelry Shop
CSPSTEB46 IOT Based Antitheft Flooring System
CSPSTEB47 IOT BASED Anti-Theft Detection And Alerting System Using Raspberry PI
CSPSTEB48 Design and Prototyping of Sensor-based Anti-Theft Security System using Microcontroller
CSPSTEB49 Smart Embedded Framework using Adriano and IOT for Real-Time Noise and Air Pollution Monitoring and Alert system
CSPSTEB50 IOT based portable heart rate and SpO2 pulse oximeter
CSPSTEB51 Iot Based Water Level Monitoring System
CSPSTEB52 Automation and Control System on Water Level of Reservoir based on Microcontroller and Blynk
CSPSTEB53 SWAP Smart Water Protocol for the Irrigation of Urban Gardens in Smart Cities
CSPSTEB54 IOT-Enabled Smart Cities: A Review of Concepts, Frameworks and Key Technologies
CSPSTEB55 Minimal Cost Notice Board Using IOT
CSPSTEB56 Energy Optimization for Smart Cities Using IOT
CSPSTEB57 Underground Cable Fault Detection
CSPSTEB58 Automatic Fault Detection in Transmission Lines using GSM Technology
CSPSTEB59 A Review and Taxonomy on Fault Analysis in Transmission Power Systems
CSPSTEB60 Analysis and Prospect of the Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things
CSPSTEB61 Parallel inverter control using diferent conventional control methods and an improved virtual oscillator control method in a standalone microgrid
CSPSTEB62 Design of a new backstepping controller for control of microgrid sources inverter
CSPSTEB63 Grid-Tied Hybrid AC-DC Microgrid: Finding Optimal Number of Parallel-Connected AC-DC Bidirectional Interfacing Converters
CSPSTEB64 Design and Control of Inverter for Integration of Micro-Grid Connected Distributed Generation
CSPSTEB65 LG Fault Detection on Transmission Line
CSPSTEB66 Fault Detection, Protection and Location on Transmission Line - A Review
CSPSTEB67 Effective Automatic Fault Detection in Transmission Lines by Hybrid Model of Authorization and Distance Calculation through Impedance Variation
CSPSTEB68 Smart Technology Based Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) Approach for Autonomous Transmission Line Fault Detection Protection
CSPSTEB69 Smart Borewell Child Rescue System Through Wireless Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence
CSPSTEB70 Child Rescue System From Open Bore-Well
CSPSTEB71 IoT based detection of bore-well unclosed holes using automated drone operated cameras in a remote area
CSPSTEB72 Real Time Implementation of An Advanced Child Rescue System from Open Bore Well Based on ZigBee Application
CSPSTEB73 IOT based weather monitoring system using Node MCU and Blynk
CSPSTEB74 Implementation of Spy Robot for A Surveillance System using Internet of Things
CSPSTEB75 Renewable Energy System Based Green House Environment Monitoring System Using Internet of Things
CSPSTEB76 Multi-Tasking Robot for Smart Agriculture Monitoring
CSPSTEB77 IOT Solar Energy Based Multipurpose Agricultural Robot for Smart Farming Monitoring System
CSPSTEB78 Design and Implementation of IOT Based Smart Home Monitoring System and Control Electrical Appliances Using Blynk App
CSPSTEB79 IOT Based Dual Axis Sun Tracking Solar Panel Monitoring and Solar Power Management System
CSPSTEB80 IOT-Based Electrical Vehicle’s Energy Management and Monitoring System
CSPSTEB81 IOT Based EV Battery Parameters Monitoring and EV Battery Charging Controller Monitoring System
CSPSTEB82 Design and Implementation of Multipurpose Women Safety System Based On IOT Technology
CSPSTEB83 Smart Safety Helmet for Bike Riders using IOT
CSPSTEB84 IOT Based Train accident prevented and alert to who are near in track
CSPSTEB85 IOT Based Smart Alert System for Drowsy Driver Detection
CSPSTEB86 Design and Implementation of a Smart Parking System using IoT Technology
CSPSTEB87 IOT Based Induction Motor Monitoring and Control System Using Blynk APP
CSPSTEB88 IOT based Smart Water Pumping System for Agriculture applications
CSPSTEB89 IOT Based Electricity Energy Meter Monitoring Using Blynk
CSPSTEB90 Internet of Things based Waste management system for Smart city
CSPSTEB91 An Innovative Two Level Model for Electric Vehicle Parking Lots in Distribution System with Renewable Energy
CSPSTEB92 IOT Based Smart Sewage Monitoring System for Smart City
CSPSTEB93 IOT based Fisherman Border Alert and Weather Alert Security System
CSPSTEB94 Hand Gesture Controlled Robot For Smart Agriculture Monitoring System
CSPSTEB95 IOT Based Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Alerting System Using Robotics
CSPSTEB96 IOT Based Design and Development of a Pipeline Inspection Robot
CSPSTEB97 IOT Based Mining Tracking and Worker Safety Helmet
CSPSTEB98 Wireless Surveillance Robot with Motion Detection and Live Video Transmission
CSPSTEB99 IOT Based Automatic Street Light Monitoring and Control System for Smart Cities
CSPSTEB100 IOT Based Smart Industrial Monitoring and Safety Monitoring System
CSPSTEB101 Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System for Emergency Vehicles Using IOT
CSPSTEB102 IOT Based Self-Controlled Robot for Military Applications Purpose
CSPSTEB103 IOT Based Integrated Home Security and Electrical Appliance Control System
CSPSTEB104 IOT Based Wireless Multi-Functional Robot for Military Applications
CSPSTEB105 Real-Time Monitoring Of Environment Factors Enhanced With Iot Technology
CSPSTEB106 Solar Powered Wheel Chair with Hand Gesture Controller for Physically Challenged Persons
CSPSTEB107 Design And Implementation Of IOT Based Integrated Model For Warehouse Inventory Management And Environment Monitoring System
CSPSTEB108 IOT Based Flood Monitoring And Alerting System for Smart Cities
CSPSTEB109 IOT System for Mobile Application Based Remote Health Monitoring of Elderly Adults
CSPSTEB110 IOT based Railway Level Crossing Gate Control system
CSPSTEB111 IOT based agricultural irrigation and remote monitoring system
CSPSTEB112 An IOT Based Emergency Alerting and Authentication System for Industry Monitoring Application
CSPSTEB113 IOT Based Smart Waste Management System in a Smart City
CSPSTEB114 Artificial Intelligence Based Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation
CSPSTEB115 Intelligent Two-Level Parking Lot Model using Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy Distribution Systems
CSPSTEB116 IOT Based Smart Wireless Sensor System for Real-Time Monitoring and Fault Detection of Motor Arrays