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IEEE Data Mining projects for Engineering students-M.Tech, B.Tech, BE, MSC, MCA, Diploma Students

Matlab/ Python/Java/Dot Net Data Mining projects with source code and IEEE papers

Data mining is the process of sorting through large data sets to identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems through data analysis. Data mining techniques and tools enable enterprises to predict future trends and make more-informed business decisions.

CSPDM23001 A Parallel High-Utility Itemset Mining Algorithm Based on Hadoop
CSPDM23002 An Abstraction-Based Approach for Privacy-Aware Federated Process Mining
CSPDM23003 Efficient Method for Mining High Utility Occupancy Patterns Based on Indexed List Structure
CSPDM23004 Mapping Data Mining Technique and Gamification Approach for Studying Post-Strok Rehabilitation Training: A Systematic Literature Review
CSPDM23005 Smart City Based on Open Data: A Survey
CSPDM23006 Efficacy of Bluetooth-Based Data Collection for Road Traffic Analysis and Visualization Using Big Data Analytics
CSPDM23007 Development of a Customer Churn Model for Banking Industry Based on Hard and Soft Data Fusion
CSPDM23008 CredibleExpertRank: Leveraging Social Network Analysis and Opinion Mining to Facilitate Reliable Information Retrieval on Knowledge-Sharing Sites
CSPDM23009 Student Performance Patterns in Engineering at the University of Johannesburg: An Exploratory Data Analysis
CSPDM23010 A Data-Driven Smart Evaluation Framework for Teaching Effect Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Analysis
CSPDM23011 Early Predicting of Students Performance in Higher Education
CSPDM23012 Blockchain Data Analysis from the Perspective of Complex Networks: Overview
CSPDM23013 Context-Aware and Click Session-Based Graph Pattern Mining With Recommendations for Smart EMS Through AI
CSPDM23014 A Text Mining and Statistical Approach for Assessment of Pedagogical Impact of Students’ Evaluation of Teaching and Learning Outcome in Education
CSPDM23015 Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Data Collection and Analysis With Many Missing Values
CSPDM23016 Classification and Prediction of Significant Cyber Incidents (SCI) using Data Mining and Machine Learning (DM-ML)
CSPDM23017 Remote Sensing Scene Classification Via Multigranularity Alternating Feature Mining
CSPDM23018 Bias Detection for Customer Interaction Data: A Survey on Datasets, Methods, and Tools
CSPDM23019 Automated Power System Fault Prediction and Precursor Discovery Using Multi-Modal Data
CSPDM23020 Time-Weighted Cumulative LSTM Method Using Log Data for Predicting Credit Card Customer Turnover
CSPDM23021 LiDA: Language-Independent Data Augmentation for Text Classification
CSPDM23022 Reversible_Data_Hiding_Method_for_Interpolated_Images_Based_on_Modulo_Operation_and_Prediction-Error_Expansion
CSPDM23023 Medical Knowledge Graph: Data Sources, Construction, Reasoning, and Applications
CSPDM23024 Multi-Context Mining-Based Graph Neural Network for Predicting Emerging Health Risks
CSPDM23025 Uncertainty Based Optimal Sample Selection for Big Data
CSPDM23026 KTI-RNN: Recognition of Heart Failure from Clinical Notes
CSPDM23027 Bi-Directional Feature Fixation-Based Particle Swarm Optimization for Large-Scale Feature Selection
CSPDM23028 Anomaly Detection Based on Tree Topology for Hyperspectral Images
CSPDM23029 Impact of Mobile Technology and Use of Big Data in Physics Education During Coronavirus Lockdown
CSPDM23030 Opinion Mining from Online Travel Reviews: An Exploratory Investigation on Pakistan Major Online Travel Services Using Natural Language Processing
CSPDM23031 Image Super-Resolution Based on Residual Attention and Multi-Scale Feature Fusion
CSPDM23032 Opinion Mining Using Multi-Dimensional Analysis
CSPDM23033 An overview of data integration in neuroscience with focus on Alzheimer’s Disease
CSPDM23034 Political Security Threat Prediction Framework Using Hybrid Lexicon-Based Approach and Machine Learning Technique
CSPDM23035 Human Activity Recognition Based on Deep-Temporal Learning Using Convolution Neural Networks Features and Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Unit With Features Selection
CSPDM23036 Characterization of Synthetic Health Data Using Rule-Based Artificial Intelligence Models
CSPDM23037 A Hierarchical Intrusion Detection Model Combining Multiple Deep Learning Models With Attention Mechanism
CSPDM23038 Vaccine Hesitancy Hotspots in Africa: An Insight From Geotagged Twitter Posts
CSPDM23039 Gene Expression Data Analysis Using Feature Weighted Robust Fuzzy c-Means Clustering
CSPDM23040 Analysis-Based Optimization of Temporal Dynamic Convolutional Neural Network for Text-Independent Speaker Verification
CSPDM23041 An Improved Tropospheric Tomographic Model Based on Artificial Neural Network
CSPDM23042 Advancing Process Audits With Process Mining: A Systematic Review of Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
CSPDM23043 Effective Exploitation of Macroeconomic Indicators for Stock Direction Classification Using the Multimodal Fusion Transformer
CSPDM23044 Fraud Detection in Banking Data by Machine Learning Techniques
CSPDM23045 Community Detection Algorithms in Healthcare Applications: A Systematic Review
CSPDM23046 Satellite Image Classification Using a Hybrid Manta Ray Foraging Optimization Neural Network
CSPDM23047 Reversible data hiding in encrypted images with secret sharing and hybrid coding
CSPDM23048 Cloud-Based Intrusion Detection Approach Using Machine Learning Techniques
CSPDM23049 Consumer Behavior Analysis on Sales Process Model Using Process Discovery Algorithm for the Omni channel Distribution System
CSPDM23050 Entropy-Aware Similarity for Balanced Clustering: A Case Study With Melanoma Detection
CSPDM23051 SDOT: Secure Hash, Semantic Keyword Extraction, and Dynamic Operator Pattern-Based Three-Tier Forensic Classification Framework
CSPDM23052 Human Pose Estimation Using Thermal Images
CSPDM23053 Deep Retention: A Deep Learning Approach for Intron Retention Detection
CSPDM23054 RF-PSSM: A Combination of Rotation Forest Algorithm and Position-Specific Scoring Matrix for Improved Prediction of Protein-Protein Interactions Between Hepatitis C Virus and Human
CSPDM23055 An Improved Lightweight Yolo-Fastest V2 for Engineering Vehicle Recognition Fusing Location Enhancement and Adaptive Label Assignment
CSPDM23056 RadioPathomics: Multimodal Learning in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer for Adaptive Radiotherapy
CSPDM23057 An Ensemble Learning Based Intrusion Detection Model for Industrial IoT Security
CSPDM23058 Extraction of Fetal Electrocardiogram by Combining Deep Learning and SVD-ICA-NMF Methods
CSPDM23059 Mining Insights From Esports Game Reviews With an Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Framework
CSPDM23060 Text Mining and Emotion Classification on Monkeypox Twitter Dataset: A Deep Learning-Natural Language Processing (NLP) Approach
CSPDM23061 Empirical Study: How Issue Classification Influences Software Defect Prediction
CSPDM23062 A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Competitive Task Assignment in Enterprise Blockchain
CSPDM23063 Enhancing Security and Privacy Preservation of Sensitive Information in e-Health Datasets Using FCA Approach
CSPDM23064 Deep Hybrid Neural Network With Attention Mechanism for Video Hash Retrieval Method
CSPDM23065 Using Machine Learning to Establish the Concerns of Persons With HIV/AIDS During the COVID-19 Pandemic From Their Tweets
CSPDM23066 Improved Domain Adaptation Network Based on Wasserstein Distance for Motor Imagery EEG Classification
CSPDM23067 Cloud-Based Software Development Lifecycle: A Simplified Algorithm for Cloud Service Provider Evaluation with Metric Analysis
CSPDM23068 Fine-Tuning Swin Transformer and Multiple Weights Optimality-Seeking for Facial Expression Recognition
CSPDM23069 BukaGini: A Stability-Aware Gini Index Feature Selection Algorithm for Robust Model Performance
CSPDM23070 Copy-Move Forgery Verification in Images Using Local Feature Extractors and Optimized Classifiers
CSPDM23071 An Intelligent Heuristic Manta-Ray Foraging Optimization and Adaptive Extreme Learning Machine for Hand Gesture Image Recognition
CSPDM23072 Automated Emerging Cyber Threat Identification and Profiling Based on Natural Language Processing
CSPDM23073 A Novel Machine Learning Approach for Android Malware Detection Based on the Co-Existence of Features
CSPDM23074 Enhancement Economic System Based-Graph Neural Network in Stock Classification
CSPDM23075 Explainable Drug Repurposing Approach From Biased Random Walks
CSPDM23076 Recommendation System Based on Deep Sentiment Analysis and Matrix Factorization
CSPDM23077 Soaring Energy Prices: Understanding Public Engagement on Twitter Using Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling With Transformers
CSPDM23078 A Survey of Text Representation and Embedding Techniques in NLP
CSPDM23079 Static-Dynamic Temporal Networks for Parkinson’s Disease Detection and Severity Prediction
CSPDM23080 Interpretable Rule Mining for Real-Time ECG Anomaly Detection in IoT Edge Sensors
CSPDM23081 Heart Disease Prediction Using Novel Quine McCluskey Binary Classifier (QMBC)
DM 01 Automatic Segmentation of Dynamic Network Sequences with Node Labels
DM 02 Cleaning Antipatterns in an SQL Query Log
DM 03 Complementary Aspect-Based Opinion Mining
DM 04 Frog Asynchronous Graph Processing on GPU with Hybrid Coloring Model
DM 05 Local and Global Structure Preservation for Robust Unsupervised Spectral Feature Selection
DM 06 Mining Precise-Positioning Episode Rules from Event Sequences
DM 07 THINKER Entity Linking System for Turkish Language
DM 08 Topic Models for Unsupervised Cluster Matching
DM 09 UniWalk Unidirectional Random Walk Based Scalable SimRank Computation over Large Graph
DM 10 Weakly Supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis