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IEEE Cloud Computing projects for Engineering students-M.Tech, B.Tech, BE, MSC, MCA, Diploma Students

Matlab/ Python/Java/Dot Net Cloud Computing projects with source code and IEEE papers

Cloud computing is on-demand access, via the internet, to computing resources—applications, servers (physical servers and virtual servers), data storage, development tools, networking capabilities, and more—hosted at a remote data center managed by a cloud services provider (or CSP).

CSPCC23001 A Distributed and Decentralized Certificateless Framework for Reliable Shared Data Auditing for FOG-CPS Networks
CSPCC23002 A Secure and Cost-Efficient Blockchain Facilitated IoT Software Update Framework
CSPCC23003 Blockchain-Based Service-Oriented Architecture for Consent Management, Access Control, and Auditing
CSPCC23004 Enabling Simultaneous Content Regulation and Privacy Protection for Cloud Storage Image
CSPCC23005 Resource Management and Pricing for Cloud Computing based Mobile Blockchain with Pooling
CSPCC23006 Online Performance Modeling and Prediction for Single-VM Applications in Multi-Tenant Clouds
CSPCC23007 Toward Secure Data Computation and Outsource for Multi-User Cloud-Based IoT
CSPCC23008 Attribute-based pseudonymity for privacy-preserving authentication in cloud services
CSPCC23009 Securing Organization’s Data: A Role-Based Authorized Keyword Search Scheme with Efficient Decryption
CSPCC23010 A Novel Data Placement and Retrieval Service for Cooperative Edge Clouds
CSPCC23011 Secure and Efficient Data Deduplication in JointCloud Storage
CSPCC23012 A Generalized Framework for Preserving Both Privacy and Utility in Data Outsourcing
CSPCC23013 Dynamically Optimizing Display Advertising Profits under Diverse Budget Settings
CSPCC23014 FinGAT Financial Graph Attention Networks for Recommending Top-K Profitable Stocks
CSPCC23015 Multi-hop Reasoning Question Generation and Its Application
CSPCC23016 PartitionChain: A Scalable and Reliable Data Storage Strategy for Permissioned Blockchain
CSPCC23017 Suggesting Assess Queries for Interactive Analysis of Multidimensional Data
CSPCC23018 TwiCS: Lightweight Entity Mention Detection in Targeted Twitter Streams
CC 01 A Job Sizing Strategy for High-Throughput Scientific Workflows
CC 02 A Stochastic Control Approach to Maximize Profit on Service Provisioning for Mobile Cloudlet Platforms
CC 03 Adaptive Resource Allocation and Provisioning in Multi-Service Cloud Environments
CC 04 Combining Static and Dynamic Storage Management for Data Intensive Scientific Workflows
CC 05 Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling on Data Centers with Heterogeneous Bandwidths
CC 06 Time- and Cost- Efficient Task Scheduling across Geo-Distributed Data Centers