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AU171 Fabrication of Fly car
AU172 Efficient Car Parking System for four wheeler
AU173 Fabrication of Fuel cell bike
AU174 Both wheel driven step less speed variable bicycle
AU175 Fabrication of Eddy current braking system
AU176 Multi tasked smart Wheel chair for physically challenged people
AU177 Dual power generation system for Automobile (thermoelectric + exhaust gas power generation)
AU178 Fabrication of Hubless cycle
AU179 Emission control in two stroke petrol engine by using multiple spark
AU180 Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) braking system
AU181 Pneumatic Disc Braking System (PDBS)
AU182 Automobile suspension made of hydraulic magneto rheological damper
AU183 High efficient cooling system in a car with help of BLDC motor
AU184 Experimental investigation of an air conditioning system drive by Engine
AU185 Fabrication of Ethanol fuel engine
AU186 Exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) for two wheeler
AU187 90 degree turning steering mechanism
AU188 Performance analysis of evaporative air cooled condenser
AU189 Total Electrical system for automobile (headlights, taillights, indicators and wiper)
AU190 A study of conversion of diesel engine to fully biogas engine
AU191 Active brake torque vectoring in differential unit for quick turning
AU192 Fabrication of Safety bike
AU193 Remote controlled tilting handicapped wheel chair
AU194 Electric scooter powered by wind & piezoelectric power
AU195 MHD power generation for two wheeler
AU196 Wheel chair using Eye shadow and touch screen
AU197 Design & fabrication of leaf spring fatigue testing machine
AU198 Regenerative compressed air systems by suspension for automatic turbo lag reduction
AU199 Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor
AU200 Hub center steering system for two wheeler
AU201 Fabrication of Smart trike - tilting three wheeler
AU202 Four wheel steering (Zero degree) system
AU203 Fabrication of double gear bicycles
AU204 Fabrication of unaided automatic tri cycle
AU205 Fabrication of LPG Gas kit for Four Wheeler
AU206 Fabrication of Self running bicycle
AU207 Fabrication of Steer-by-wire system for cars
AU208 Electronic assisted hydraulic braking system
AU209 Electrical Power generation and refrigeration by using waste heat from IC engine
AU210 Theo Jansen four leg walking Mechanism
AU211 Automatic Electro-Magnetic gear transmission for two wheeler
AU212 Fabrication of Variable volume engine
AU213 Fabrication of Electric all terrain vehicle
AU214 Solar E-bike with regenerative braking system
AU215 Automatic safety systems for railway coaches
AU216 Fabrication of fuel less reciprocating air engine
AU217 Safety system to avoid accident when driver in sleep
AU218 Fuel efficiency improvement by using Acetylene powered engine
AU219 Automatic Railway Gate Controller
AU220 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
AU221 Fabrication of Fully Automated Intelligent Vehicle
AU222 Air Engine with load testing (Dynamo Meter) Arrangement
AU223 Fabrication of Air bag system for two wheeler
AU224 Fabrication of Anti theft steering system
AU225 Vehicle Accident information through SMS
AU226 Fabrication of concept bicycle (future bicycle)
AU227 Anti-Lock Braking System In Four wheeler (ABS)
AU228 Hybrid vehicle with regenerative breaking motor cycle
AU229 Joystick control car drive mechanism for physically challenged people
AU230 Fabrication of turbo charger for two wheeler
AU231 Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
AU232 Automatic speed breaker depending upon vehicle over speed control
AU233 Catalytic converter for Two wheeler
AU234 Combination of emergency, intelligence and anti-lock braking system
AU235 Pneumatic controlled steps in bus with break locking system
AU236 Automobile dual side wiper system with mist control
AU237 Water Fuel (Hydrogen/Brown gas) Engine with load test
AU238 Button operated Pneumatic gear shifting in two wheeler
AU239 Air preheating System using condenser waste heat in automobile
AU240 Fabrication of Hydraulic lifting system for total car
AU241 Fabrication of All Terrain Wheel Chair
AU242 Adaptable Multi Nut Fastener with Manual Height Adjustment System
AU243 Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
AU244 Electro-magnetic braking on propeller shaft
AU245 Intelligent Braking System in Four Wheeler (IBS)
AU246 Pneumatic speed breaker with day and night control
AU001 Design and fabrication of Wind propelled car
AU002 Fabrication of methane gas engine
AU003 Opposite piston engine(model)
AU004 Performance of flat fin automotive radiator using nano fluids as coolants
AU005 Extraction of fuel from waste plastics using catalyst cracking & pyrolysis
AU006 Design and fabrication of fully covered two wheeler prototype
AU007 Design and fabrication of Squid jet propulsion
AU008 Airship fabrication (model)
AU009 Design & fabrication two wheel drive bike
AU010 Fabrication of Treadmill electric vehicle
AU011 Experimental study of heat transfer enhancement in liquid piston cylinder (hydraulic)
AU012 Manual powered car
AU013 Experimental analysis of vapour chamber heat spreader
AU014 Experimental investigation & comparative study of DI diesel engine fuelled with used transformer oil (auto)
AU015 Segway vehicle (3 wheels)
AU016 Fabrication and analysis of micro channel heat exchanger
AU017 Experimental study of downdraft gasifier & nozzle optimization
AU018 Variable volume engine (automatic clutch based)
AU019 4-wheel 3 mode steering
AU020 Fabrication of Air assisted clutch
AU021 Pulse jet engine performance normal petrol gas
AU022 Design & development of standing wheel chair
AU023 Design and fabrication of String bicycle
AU024 Effortless bicycle
AU025 Automatic pneumatic disc braking system
AU026 Fabrication of Bicycle wind turbine
AU027 Sterling engine with parabolic collector (Model)
AU028 Fabrication of Magnetic fuel modifier used in IC engine
AU029 Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation in Four Wheeler
AU030 Power generation from road transport using piezoelectric and rack & pinion
AU031 Fabrication of Automatic pneumatic jack
AU032 Shaft driver bicycle with 2 speed automatic gear transmission system
AU033 Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
AU034 Fabrication of Energy produced from running vehicle
AU035 Automatic Reverse locking system using differential unit
AU036 Fabrication of Air brake system using Engine exhaust gas
AU037 Elimination of chain drive in bicycle
AU038 Design and analysis of Aero spike nozzle for a air augmented rocket engine
AU039 Fabrication of Wind Energy Vehicle
AU040 Fabrication of Sweeper vehicle
AU041 Fabrication of Air engine
AU042 Fabrication of gearless transmission system
AU043 Numerical analysis and experimental validation of a single cylinder diesel engine with double injection
AU044 Fabrication of Loading and unloading crane for ship
AU045 Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system
AU046 Fabrication of brown gas Engine
AU047 Automatic car window opening by using sound and oxygen sensors
AU048 Touch screen based automatic gear shifting system
AU049 Viability of used sunflower oil as a substitute for diesel Engine
AU050 Fabrication of Tamble cycle with regenerative electrical cycle
AU051 Automatic acceleration control in traffic signal
AU052 Fabrication of Pulse jet engine (Model)
AU053 Fabrication of Quad bike
AU054 Heating and cooling jacket by using peltier effect
AU055 Fabrication of weighing bridge in moving vehicle
AU056 Fabrication of Buggy with solar hybrid vehicle
AU057 Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch
AU058 Automatic Differential Unit locking system
AU059 Fabrication of Hybrid driving seat
AU060 Automatic Vehicle Over speed controlling system for School Zone
AU061 Fuel efficiency increasing system by using peltier Air preheated system
AU062 Enhancing the IC Engine Performance By Using The Electrolysis And Preheating Process
AU063 Highways Speed controller and automatic Pneumatic Braking System
AU064 Dual Brake Single liver System for two wheeler
AU065 Foldable Electric GoPed Two wheeler
AU066 Fabrication of Gyro stabilized two wheeler
AU067 Automatic speed breaker for preventing accident in school zone
AU068 Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler
AU069 Rear wheel steering for trailer truck
AU070 Fabrication of Aerodynamic design for buses
AU071 Automatic turbo charger at low and high speed of vehicle
AU072 Generative breaking system using pneumatic interface
AU073 Automatic Track Guided Vehicle (ATGV)
AU074 Fabrication of Four bar cycle drive mechanism
AU075 Energy-harvesting shock absorber with a mechanical motion rectifier
AU076 Remote controlled scrap collecting vehicle
AU077 Air conditionings of automobile using engine exhaust gas
AU078 Automatic parking breaking system for four wheeler
AU079 Sensor Operated Automatic Reverse Braking System
AU080 Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
AU081 Experimental study and Application in Nanofluids in refrigeration
AU082 Automatic steering control system for automobile
AU083 Fabrication of compressed air generation using speed breaker
AU084 Magnetically Levitated Train/Flight
AU085 Fabrication Automatic lawn mover
AU086 Cam shaft operated automatic gear change for two wheeler
AU087 Automatic pneumatic bumper and break actuation before collision
AU088 Fabrication of Foldable all wheel drive bicycle
AU089 Hybrid tilting three wheeler systems
AU090 Exhaust gas (silencer) heat recovery (TEG) power generation system
AU091 Hydraulic parking attachment for car
AU092 Fabrication of Motorized Center stand for cycle/bike
AU093 Fabrication of Magneto rheological clutch with load test
AU094 Fabrication of Motor bike with propeller shaft
AU095 Automatic drunken drive avoiding with helmet locking system
AU096 Automatic Magnetic Accident preventer for Train
AU097 Fabrication of Ferro fluid power generation
AU098 Magneto Rheological Fluid (MRF) Braking system
AU099 Automatic Distance Measurement and Braking System By using Ultrasonic Waves
AU100 Motorized triangular air compressor
AU101 Fabrication of automatic gear changer in bicycle
AU102 Fabrication of Solar Race Car
AU103 Fabrication of pneumatic Scooter excavator
AU104 Fabrication of Turbo charged two wheeler with zero turbo lag
AU105 Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking and bumper system
AU106 Bio gas two wheeler with power generation
AU107 Design & fabrication of Hubless wheel
AU108 Design and development of downdraft Gasifier for operating CI engine on dual fuel mode
AU109 Working of air conditioning unit using damping effect of shock absorbers
AU110 Optional acceleration circuit to increase the fuel efficiency of single cylinder Petrol engine by using double carburetor method
AU111 Cold Start Performance Enhancement of Motorcycle Catalytic Convertor by Latent Heat Storage System
AU112 Intelligent gear transmission system with active helmet vehicle
AU113 Three axis pneumatic modern trailer
AU114 Intelligent Active Suspension system for two wheeler
AU115 Fabrication of Self energized hybrid system
AU116 Fabrication of EGR assisted jet compressor
AU117 Automatic Visitor Guided with material handling Vehicle
AU118 Water fuel engine with power generation
AU119 Fabrication of Pollution free four stroke petrol engine
AU120 Vehicle ignition using RFID and finger print
AU121 Fabrication of Foldable two wheeler
AU122 Modified Reverse gear two wheeler for handicapped people
AU123 Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) cycle
AU124 Increasing the volumetric efficiency of four stroke engine by using ATEG
AU125 Fabrication of Electro-magnetic Engine
AU126 Fabrication of Mono wheel bike
AU127 Development of Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI)
AU128 Triangular air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
AU129 Fabrication of Direct drive wheel
AU130 Pneumatic try cycle with turbocharged closed loop system
AU131 Shock Absorber test rig using Cam and Sensors
AU132 Fabrication of Kids Car
AU133 Fabrication of Active wheel
AU134 Efficiency increasing system by using preheating method
AU135 Fabrication of Water fuel injection for mini boat
AU136 Electro-Hydraulic Braking (EHB) system for Four Wheeler
AU137 Improved energy performance of a refrigerating machine using water spray upstream of the Condenser
AU138 Fabrication of Multiple Car safety system in bumper
AU139 Fabrication of Piezoelectric Powered Cycle
AU140 Electric Pulse Magnetic Braking (EPM Braking) System
AU141 Automatic head lamp alignment system depending upon steering
AU142 Fabrication of vertical bridge lifter
AU143 Automatic Queries controlling system for two wheeler
AU144 Automatic air delivered system based on density of oxygen in car cabin
AU145 Automatic clutch and brake system for four wheeler
AU146 Energy conversion from Roadways using kinetic motion
AU147 Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
AU148 Regenerative braking using pneumatic interface
AU149 Effect of swirl induction by internally threaded inlet manifolds on exhaust emissions of single cylinder diesel engine
AU150 Fabrication of Auto clutch for Automobile
AU151 Fabrication of Screw shaft engine
AU152 Highways High Speed Sensing and Automatic Speed Braking System
AU153 Fabrication of Solar Hybrid Car
AU154 Cryogenic liquid nitrogen as a fuel for zero emission vehicle
AU155 Fabrication of foot board break system for car
AU156 Electro-magnetic actuator in ABS for two wheeler
AU157 Fabrication of Solar E cycle
AU158 Automatic car covering device For Automobile
AU159 Turbo jet engine with active magnetic bearing
AU160 Shock observer power generation system
AU161 Fabrication of Air powered wheel chair
AU162 Design & Fabrication of engine operated tiller cultivator
AU163 Fuel Efficiency improvement in petrol Engine by using Water injection
AU164 Introduction of HHO gas in turbojet engine
AU165 Fabrication of Anti drown vehicle
AU166 Generation of electricity using the flow or velocity of Vehicle exhaust gas
AU167 Fabrication of Electric Gear Bike
AU168 Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack for Four Wheeler
AU169 Remote controlled hydraulic jack trolley
AU170 Fabrication of Engine Drive Cycle